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  • Underprivileged Kid Graduates from Harvard After Defying All Odds

    “From this part of Ohio, only the children of doctors and lawyers get to go to Ivy League Schools,” these are the words Shannon Satonori Lytle heard all throughout his life but fortunately, he lived his own life and did not let anybody define his destiny for him – a couple of years later, he

    LifeLyn KellyAug 18, 2017
  • Baby Girl Gives Mom a Hug Moment After Being Born

    Newborn babies are one of life’s most precious miracles. There is just something so innocent about a newly born baby that parents all over the world can relate to. Moreover, getting to hold your newborn baby that very first time is nothing short of magical. Those feelings can hardly be described in words. Just look

    LifeMichelle EricksonAug 17, 2017
  • Shoplifter Caught Stealing Clothes but Cops Don’t Arrest Him

    For anyone who’s ever found themselves losing their way in life, it can sometimes feel like a second chance is nearly impossible to come by. But recently, one Toronto police officer was able to give a second chance to a man who needed it more than anything. Constable Niran Jeyanesan of the 31 Division in

    LifeWill GardnerAug 17, 2017
  • Ellen’s ‘Pregnant Woman’ Prank Will Make You Either Hate or Love Humanity

    Ellen DeGeneres is the prank master, this much is true. She has a way of knowing which guest can take a joke. While some of her pranks simply poke a little fun, others are disguised as moral tests made to gauge the level of humanity in the world. She recently created a segment called “Cash

    EntertainmentJade WilsonAug 17, 2017
  • Loving Brother Comforts Baby Sister Who’s Scared of Drive-In Car Wash

    Alyssa went to the drive-in car wash with her 4-year-old son Declan and one-year-old daughter Raleigh and what she initially thought would be a normal ride turned out to be a nightmare for Raleigh as she was terrified of going through the gigantic car wash equipment. Unfortunately, there was no turning back for the family

    EntertainmentLyn KellyAug 16, 2017
  • Baby’s Dramatic Recovery After Surgery that Cuts Her Skull Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

    At just 7 months old, Lucy was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis, a condition wherein the skull fused together prematurely leaving no room for the baby’s brain to grow. To save her life and give her a chance at a normal life, surgeons had to cut the top of her skull into several pieces and re-position them

    LifeLyn KellyAug 16, 2017
  • The Most Complex Jet on the Planet: All About the F-35

    It is robust but sleek. It zooms through the sky but hardly makes a sound. It is also incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of combat situations. This is none other than the F-35. But even though this marvelous jet seems to have it all, crafted meticulously with a foolproof blueprint, it has taken incredible amounts of time, money and manpower to actually get it in the sky. Beneath all that steel lies thousands of unseen pieces and parts that make this jet one of the most complex machines on the planet. Read on to learn more about this extraordinary military fighter plane.

    LifeMelina PapadopoulosAug 16, 2017
  • How Well Do You Know Friends? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

    EntertainmentMelina PapadopoulosAug 16, 2017
  • 55-Year-Old Grandma Of Three Gets Fit, Smashes Bikini Contest

    Changing one’s life around after years of bad habits is an incredible personal achievement. We so easily fall into a destructive pattern that turns into a slippery slope down a deep rabbit hole. Kim Wright of Yorkshire, England decided that being 55-years-old wasn’t going to keep her from getting fit and fitting back into her

    How ToMichelle EricksonAug 16, 2017
  • Guy Wins Best Dad Award By Keeping His Cool Over Slushie Spill

    We’ve all had those moments. The little human you’re in charge of has just made a huge mess, usually in spite of your directions to the contrary. How do you respond? Kalynne Marie, a single mom from Minneapolis, witnessed one such moment while she was doing some work in the café area of a Target

    LifeMichelle EricksonAug 16, 2017
  • This Guy Tries to Date 6 Women in 1 Night and it Marvelously Backfires

    We’ve all seen that scene in a movie where some guy winds up with two dates in the same restaurant. Much to the viewer’s delight, we watch the “playboy” scramble around from girl to girl in an attempt to pull off the impossible. As funny as this is, surely no one is silly enough to

    HumorJade WilsonAug 16, 2017
  • Crowd Gives Beautiful Response to Army Vet Player at His MLB Debut

    Chris Rowley made his debut as a major league baseball pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays on August 11, and he had a pretty incredible outing. The newcomer pitched through 5 1/3 innings and gave up only one run to the Pittsburgh Pirates, all in all helping lead his team to a 7-2 victory. And while that would be

    EntertainmentWill GardnerAug 16, 2017