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  • This Dog and Kitten Share the Most Adorable Bond

    We always assume that cats and dogs won’t get along together and would rather chase each other than be friends. That is not always the case, though! Take Keelo, a Golden Retriever, whose best friend is a rescued ginger kitten named Koda for instance. These two are simply inseparable! Koda just can’t stop playing with him, but Keelo doesn’t

    LifeIsabelle GarreaudAug 16, 2016
  • Check Out These Helpful Makeup Hacks & Cheats!

    Not everyone can put their makeup on as flawlessly as Zendaya, but we do try! If I ever get rich, I will just hire a makeup artist to do my face every morning so I can slay the day away. Until then, though, I have to try to figure it out myself and trust me, putting

    StyleIsabelle GarreaudAug 16, 2016
  • This Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake is so Delicious!

    My favorite thing about coffee cake is that no one will judge you for eating cake for breakfast! Despite its name, there isn’t actually any coffee in these breakfast desserts but they pair nicely with a nice hot cup of coffee. Who needs donuts when you can have a delicious slice of pound cake! There

    How ToIsabelle GarreaudAug 16, 2016
  • Bet You Didn’t Know This About Frozen!

    It has been almost 3 years since Frozen came out and people are still not letting this movie go. Whether you love it or hate it, you probably know the story and songs because it is so overplayed. It did so well in the box office that the movie became the highest-grossing animated film of all time! Idina

    EntertainmentIsabelle GarreaudAug 16, 2016
  • Woah! Check Out the 5 Deadliest Movie Stunts Ever

    Movie stunts can be super dangerous! It’s thrilling to see an action movie or horror flick with lots of big action shots and dramatic sequences, but we often forget about the hard work that goes into all of those exciting moments. Plenty of people have died during filming, whether it be due to a freak accident,

    EntertainmentCarolyn GuerreroAug 16, 2016
  • Iben the Kitten Won’t Let His Dog Friend Sleep

    Do you know this feeling, when you’re trying to go to sleep but something (or someone) just bugs you and won’t leave you alone? Well, Navarro the dog knows it a little too well. As he tries to lie down and get some sleep, Iben the kitten decides it’s play time. Even though the dog

    LifeHilla MannesAug 16, 2016
  • Miro the Cat Meets an Interesting Guest

    Miro is a curious little kitten. When he noticed a unfamiliar guest on his front porch, he had to check what is going on. Turns out the guest is a baby deer! Miro was not afraid – on the contrary! He tried to play with the deer and jumped around him. However, the newborn deer

    LifeHilla MannesAug 16, 2016
  • This Performer Didn’t Notice Who Joined Him In Song!

    The crazy moment you’re about the see in the video happened only two weeks ago! Reggae musician Matisyahu was on vacation in Maui, Hawaii, when he noticed a young man playing and singing a familiar song. This song was “One Day”, a hit Matisyahu released back in 2009. Matisyahu couldn’t resist and started singing along

    EntertainmentHilla MannesAug 16, 2016
  • Nala the Cat Wants Her Owner’s Undivided Attention

    Nala is a six years old cat who lives in Norway with her owner, Alexander Fredriksen. Poor Alexander just wants to play some video games at the end of the day, but Nala has other plans in mind! Whenever Alexander reaches for the controller, Nala comes and demands him attention in a very clear way. She

    LifeHilla MannesAug 16, 2016
  • This A-Capella Performance Takes an Unexpected Turn!

    There are many original ways to ask your significant other to marry you, but the one in the video below is definitely one of the most original proposals out there. Luckily enough there was someone around to get it on tape! At first glance, this looks (and sounds) like a normal a capella performance on the

    LifeHilla MannesAug 16, 2016
  • Learn How To Make a Delicious Mac & Cheese Pie

    Today we have a special treat for you – an easy Mac & Cheese pie you can make at home, with a special addition: crispy, delicious bacon! All you foodies out there will be very excited to try this recipe yourselves, I’m sure! We all know and love the basic Mac & Cheese. I mean,

    How ToHilla MannesAug 16, 2016
  • Save Time and Have Fun With These Easy Kitchen Hacks

    Have you ever started cooking or was just in the mood for a fruity snack but had to deal with an annoying pit? Maybe you came across a rotten tomato just when you were about to make pasta sauce? Well, good news: we’re here with some awesome kitchen hacks that will save you time and

    How ToHilla MannesAug 16, 2016